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EASTER - A Lamb Looking as if it had been Slain - (sermon notes) (listen sermon audio mp3)

Promo Transition Video (scroll down for sermon video)

Scriptures: Revelation 5:1-14, John 1:29, Luke 24:27, Luke 24:30-31, John 20:19, John 20:20, John 20:24-25, John 20:26, John 20:27-28, Luke 23:34



The Revelation of Jesus Christ sermon, series, sermon audio

Looking for a revelation of the Revelation? This might work for you. This is an eye opener. It's a challenge to traditional theology totally backed up by scriptures. THIS IS NOT YOUR TYPICAL "END OF THE WORLD" TEACHING, so don't get upset with me. I warned you.

1.>Handling Controlling Manipulative People sermon, series, sermon audio

How do we handle manipulation? Are we to simply be people pleasers? What if a husband is controlling? What if a wife is manipulative?

2.>Expecting God's Favor sermon, series, sermon audio

Sadly, there are not many good sermons on God's divine favor. We need to learn how to live in God's favor.

3.>Murmuring and Complaining sermon, series, sermon audio

Murmuring and complaining bring upon us a negative life. Don't find yourself caught in there trap.

4.>Irrevocable Blessings Father's Day sermon, sermon audio

Speak blessings into and over your life, your spouse's life, your children's life, and others. Use your words for blessings. Declare blessings. Learn how.

5.>Divine Connections sermon, series, sermon audio

A sermon on divine connections God has set into our futures. Unknowingly we connect with important people in our lives through a divine plan. Our Bible is actually a picture of people connecting. Let's learn from it.

6.>Speak To Your Mountain sermon, series, sermon audio

There is power in your spoken words. We speak life or death. You can talk to mountains in your life. Jesus spoke to everything: wind; water; fig trees; devil, etc. He said we could speak to a mountain.

7.>David The King - A series of sermons about King David's life.

8.>Emotional Baggage sermon, series, sermon audio

We all have emotional baggage. We all need healing, but how?

9.>Jairus A Hero Father sermon, sermon audio

After all of life shakes down, if a man can look back, smile in his heart knowing he was a successful father, he's had a successful life.

10.>Creating Your World With Your Words sermon, series, sermon audio

Your words create your world. We change our world only when we change our words.