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Mother's Day sermon - From My Mother's Womb You have been My God!

From My Mother's Womb Mother's Day
A Mother's Day sermon
In excruciating agony and suffering, in the center of the direst situation is the embedded memory of what occurred in mother's arms, not father's, but mothers. In times of mass rejection and mocking of men, a person can have God's presence because of what their mother established in their soul at her breast. A person struggling with excruciating issues of life is able to maintain sanity and find trust in God because of faith instilled by mother from the womb at her breast as she cast her children upon God. How awesome is a godly mother!

From My Mother's Womb You have been my God!

by Delbert Young (sermon notes) (listen sermon audio mp3)
Scriptures: Luk 24:39, 40; Joh 20:27; Act 2:23; Isa 53:7; 53:5; Dan 9:24-27; Mar 10:32



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