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The gospel according to Luke sitemap index
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The Gospel According to Luke Sitemap Index

Chapter 1
>That You May Know the Certainty
>In The Time Of...
>Mary, The Mother Of Jesus
>The Baby Leaped
>The Magnificat
>Grew Strong In Spirit

Chapter 2
>Shepherds First
>Present Your Family
>We've Lost The Messiah

Chapter 3
>Repent You Generation Of Snakes
>Baptism, A Picture Of The Trinity
>I Come From A Long Line Of Love

Chapter 4
>Temptations - Round 1
>Temptations - Round 2
>Temptations - Round 3
>Jesus Your Home Town Boy
>Demon On The Sabbath
>Natural, Supernatural, Eternity

Chapter 5
>When Jesus Gets Into Your Boat
>How Does Sin Look To God?
>PhD's, Pharisees, a Paralytic, and Jesus
>How Low Will Jesus God?
>Traditions, Patches, Wineskins, and New Wine
>Victory Over History

Chapter 6
>Sabbath - Petty Or Pertinent?
>Sabbath - To Do Good, Evil, Save, Or Destroy?
>Ordinary Men Chosen To Be Extraordinary
>Was he Simon, Or Was he Peter
>Do You Love Me More Than These?
>Andrew Brought Him To Jesus
>James, Son Of Thunder
>John, Truth And Love
>Philip, Don't You Believe?
>Nathanael Bartholomew And His Fig Tree
>Matthew The Publican And Thomas The Doubter
>James Son Of Alphaeus, Simon Called The Zealot, Judas Son Of James
>Judas Iscariot, The Apostle With A Special Place In Hell part 1
>Judas Iscariot, The Apostle With A Special Place In Hell part 2
>Living Like God
>You Want Me To Love Who? part 1
>You Want Me To Love Who? part 2
>To Judge Or Not to Judge? That Is The Question
>Trees, Fruit, Hearts, and Houses

Chapter 7
>The Man Who Amazed Jesus
>The Power Of Compassion - Raising The Widow's Son
>Are you God, Or Not?
>John Was Great, But...
>A Doubting Generation
>Alabaster of Love

Chapter 8
>After This...
>How Well Do You Listen
>This Little Light of Mine?
>Was Jesus Sleeping On The Job?
>Demon Begged Him Repeatedly
>Who Touched Me?
>Hopeless Jairus

Chapter 9
>Drive Out Demons, Cure Disease, And Preach The Kingdom
>Who, Then, Is This?
>God's Fish n' Chips
>Two Questions
>The Kingdom Will Come Before You Die
>Transfiguration: Another World
>The Disciples Could Not
>Who Will Be The Greatest
>Resolutely Set Out For Jerusalem
>God, Burn Them Up
>I Will Follow You Jesus. Oh Really!

Chapter 10
>Better For Sodom Than For You
>Do Not Rejoice About Success
>Jesus, Joy, And The Good Samaritan
>Only One Thing Is Needed




Chapter 11
>Lord, Teach Us To Pray part 1
>Lord, Teach Us To Pray part 2
>The Friend at Midnight
>The Beelzebub Slander
>A Wicked Generation
>They Got The Sign Of Jonah
>Clean Outside, But Nasty Inside
>Religious Terrorists

Chapter 12
>The Yeast Of The Pharisees
>How To Be A Successful Fool
>War Of Worry!
>The Coming of the Lord
>Peace At Any Price? No!

Chapter 13
>Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?
>When Jesus Goes To Church
>What Is The Kingdom Of God Like?
>Lord, Are Only A Few People Going To Be Saved?
>Go Tell that Fox

Chapter 14
>They Remained Silent
>All Alike Make Excuses
>Estimate The Cost

Chapter 15
>Suppose One Of You Lost A...
>Lost Coin And Amazing Father
>The Angry Bitter Son

Chapter 16
>The Shrewd Manager
>Two Masters
>Marriage, Divorce, Remarriage, And Adultery
>Appearances Are Deceiving

Chapter 17
>Do Your Duty
>Were There Not Ten Cleansed?
>Do Not Go Running Off After Them

Chapter 18
>Get Justice And Quickly
>A Pastor And A Pimp
>Receiving The Kingdom Of God Like A Little Child
>One More Thing
>What Do You Want Me To Do For You?

Chapter 19
>When Jesus Reached The Spot
>Servants, Subjects, And The King
>Will The Stones Cry Out?
>Jesus Assaults The Temple

Chapter 20
>May This Never Be
>Paying Taxes, Should We Or Not?
>Whose Wife Will She Be?
>How Is It That They Say...?

Chapter 21
>The Coming Of The Son Of Man part 1
>The Coming Of The Son Of Man part 2

Chapter 22
>Then Satan Entered Judas Called Iscariot
>This Passover
>As It Has Been Decreed
>Siftings Of Satan
>Gethsemane, We All Have One
>The Rooster Crowed
>Trials, Bullies, And Fears

Chapter 23
>Jesus Gave Him No Answer
>Father, Forgive Them...
>He Asked For Jesus' Body

Chapter 24
>He Has Risen!
>Easter Nonsense
>He Opened Their Minds