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Life Gate is a Community Christian Church. If you've said, "I want to look at churches near me," you have found us. Here you will find sermon after sermon and information about us.

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Life Gate a Community Christian Church

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It's Not Right Series
>Thank God for Everything
>Turn Troubles in Blessings
>Only Secure If You Endure
>Job Began Well
>Job: Show Me Where I Have Been Wrong
>Job: For God Does Speak, Now One Way, Now Another
>Job: Out Of The Storm

>Wife's Key Responsibility In Marriage
>Husband's Key Responsibility In Marriage

Wicked Women
>Wicked Woman Eve
>Wicked Woman Lot's Wife
>Wicked Woman Potiphar's Wife
>Wicked Woman Delilah part 1
>Wicked Woman Delilah part 2
>Wicked Woman Jezebel

>What Is The Greatest Gift A Father Can Give His Child? (Father's Day)
>10 Wisdoms Every Father Must Give Every Child (Father's Day)
>Mothers Of Influence (Mother's Day)
>Easter - Easter Nonsense
>Palm Sunday - This Man
>Your One Great Project (New Years)
>Irrevocable Blessing With Polished Words (Father's Day)
>From My Mother's Womb (Mother's Day)
>Palm Sunday - The Cross Proofed
>Easter - Resurrection Proofed

What Can You Do Series (Church Growth)
>Connect part 1
>Connect part 2
>Serve On A Team
>Give A Percent part 1
>Give A Percent part 2
>Invite A Friend

>Communion Service - Hope For Tomorrow
>Who Would Imagine A King (Christmas)
>Fight For Life And Love Your Spouse

Come Holy Spirit Series
>Come Holy Spirit But Why Tongues?
>To Your Advantage
>The Gifts Of Romans 12
>Healing A Gift From God

Setting Your Life's Goals Series
>Resolutely Set Out For Jerusalem
>Finding Your Major Definite Resolute Goal
>Unlearning Limiting Beliefs
>Becoming Addicted To Success

>Two Hooker, One Mother, And A Sword (Mother's Day)
>Palm Sunday - The Thorn (Palm Sunday)
>Re-Imagine Church (Church Growth)
>Are My Children Saved? (Father's Day)

Sermon Page 3

>Profiling A Godly Mother (Mother's Day)
>Palm Sunday - I See Grace
>Easter Sunday - I See Grace

Straight Up Series
>Are Same Sex Relationships Really The Same
>Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?
>Do All Religions Lead To God?

Presence Of God Series
>This Magic Moment
>This Magic Moment, Then What
>Presence Of God Triggers

Kingdom Parable Series
>Why Did Jesus Speak With Parables?
>Four Soils
>Weeds and Wheat
>Mustard Seed
>The Treasure And The Pearl
>The Net

>A Number 10 Father (Father's Day)

Praise Him Worship Him Series
>Praise: A Joyful Noise
>God Seeks Worshipers
>Noisy Praise, Bowing Worship
>We Praise What We Most Prize

Proverbs Series
>Adventure In Wisdom
>Adventure In Discipline
>Adventure In Anger Management part 1
>Adventure In Anger Management part 2
>Adventure With Your Heart part 1
>Adventure With Your Heart part 2
>Adventure With Trust In God
>Adventure With Friendship
>Adventure With Addictions part 1
>Adventure With Addictions part 2
>Adventure With A Sluggard
>Adventure With Family
>Adventure In Marrying Well part 1
>Adventure In Marrying Well part 2
>Adventure In Goodness

How To Be Rich Series
I>I Am Rich
>Deceitfulness Of Riches
>Intentional Givers

>Palm Sunday - Sacrifice
>Palm Sunday - How Did Jesus Plan His Easter Service?

Sermon Page 4

>A Baby Changes Everything (Christmas)

Influence 3-D (Church Growth Series)
>Please Spit On My Eyes Again
>Find Your Lamp Stand
>A Large Dinner

Live To Give Series
>So Hard To See When My Eyes Are On Me
>Get Your Hand Out Of The Coconut - Be A Blessing
>Give To Relationships
>Give What They Need, Not What I Need part 1
>Give What They Need, Not What I Need part 2

Stress Series
>Learning To Live Stress Free
>Hold On To Your Peace
>Rest Not Stress
>Fix Your Power Thoughts
>You've Got To Laugh

Inside Yourself Series
>Get Up On The Inside
>Have The Correct Image On The Inside
>Listen To Warnings On The Inside
>Improving Self-Image On The Inside

Heroes Of The Bible Series
>David - Recognizing Which Battles To Fight
>Jacob - Bring Out What's Inside
>Moses - Amazing Meekness
>Jairus - A Hero Father (Father's Day)
>Jesus - A Hero Of Compassion
>Heroes In Our Midst (4th of July sermon)
>Joshua - Uncommon Faith

Faith Series
>Faith Of God
>Faith To Take Risks part 1
>Faith To Take Risks part 2
>Sincere Faith (Mother's Day)
>Faith Instead Of Fear
>Faith Filled Words

>Easter - Resurrected Hope

Favor Of God Series
>Expect God's Favor
>Favor In The Middle of Trouble
>Handfuls On Purpose

People Series
>People - You Approach
>People - You Push Up
>Divine Connections
>Draw A Bigger Circle
>Be A Good Example

I Love My Church Series
>Christ Also Loved The Church
>It Prevents Romans 1
>Show Me
>Get Your Hopes Up
>Extraordinary People
>Generational Blessings
>No Excuses
>Why Won't You Come To Church

Warrior Series
>The Warrior's Cause
>The Consistent Warrior
>Distracted Warrior

>A Heart For God
>Who's Your Giant?
>A Covenant Friend
>Crutch Removing
>The Cave
>Mercy Or Vengeance
>Who's The Fool?
>Camping With The Enemy
>When The Mighty Fall
>Uzzah Uzzed
>Peace And Reflection
>Balcony Attitude
>David, How's Your Family
>A King's Declaration
>A Nation's Leader Brings A Nation's Judgment
>Go The Way Of All the Earth

Healed Without Scars Series
>Do Not Enter
>Who Is That Masked Man?
>Cultivated Wounds
>Wounds And Faith
>Let Go Of The Past

Baggage - Everybody Has Some Series
>Baggage Dump
>Baggage Of Addictions
>Baggage Of Depression
>Emotional Baggage


Page 5

Challenge Series
>Challenge To Do Something Great
>Challenge To Make Great >Decisions
>Challenge To Self-Manage
>Challenge To Belong
>Challenge Of The Wilderness

Disciple Series
>My Disciple
>Because You Say So
>Remaining Salty
>From House To House

Thoughts! The Creative Power Series
>Thoughts Create Reality
>Whosoever Shall Have Whatsoever
>Stopping Backward Thinking
>Thoughts: Life Unfolds That Way

Get A Life Series
>Why Am I Here
>What Is Really Important To Me?
>Am I Making Mile Markers?
>What Am I Good At?
>What Do I Need To Learn? part 1
>What Do I Need To Learn? part 2
>What Do I Need To Learn? part 3

Handling Difficult People Series
>Handling Critical People
>Handling Overly Needy People
>Handling Controlling Manipulative >People
>Handling Hypocritical People

Deal Or No Deal Series
>Giving A Tithe
>Salvation And The Resurrection of the Dead
>Hearing The Word Of God

Supernatural Series
>Spiritual Warfare
>Reality and Power of the Holy Spirit
>Satan And His Demons part 1
>Satan And His Demons part 2

>No Satisfaction
>Palm Sunday - Why?
>Palm Sunday - Remember Me This Way
>Seven Wonderful Conceptions (Mother's Day)

Simply Irresistible (Series)
>Irresistible Best
>Irresistible Life
>Irresistible Truth
>Irresistible Peace

Demons And Darkness Series
>Met By A Demon
>Demon From Childhood
>A Spirit Of...

Living In Peace Series
>Peace Depends On You
>Peace In The Home
>Peace With Enemies
>Peace In The World

Sermon Page 6

Growing Up Series
>Growing Up In Giving
>Growing Up In Praise
>Growing Up In Serving
>Growing Up In Spiritual Gifts

Don't Be Like Series
>Don't be Like Absalom
>Don't Be Like Jezebel
>Don't Be Like Saul

Building A Home Or A Hell 1 Series
>I Refuse To Be Ignorant
>With Her Own Hands
>This Is How A Man Is Happy (Father's Day)
>The Challenge for Children

Tough Questions Series
>Does God Exist?
>What About Hell?
>Why Do Bad Things Happen?
>Why Be A Christian?

>Easter - What Then?
>This Is How A Man Is Happy (Father's Day)
>It All Goes Back In The Box
>Freedom Or Deception (4th of July Independence Day)
>Freedoms Indeed (4th of July Independence Day)

Offering and Sacrifice Series
>A Disrespectful Offering
>Playing With Strange Fire
>How Can I Know
>Stopping The Plague
>The Lord Smelled the Pleasing Aroma

Locking And Unlocking The Tongue Series
>Set A Guard On My Mouth
>The Heart And The Mouth
>Gossip And The Sick Mind
>Wonderful Boasting Tongue

Teach Me The Power Of A Moment Series
>With People
>In A Place
>With A Plan

>Retrospect - Worst Day / Best Day

It's Good To Be Alive Series
>Good To Be Alive And Have The Favor Of God
>Good To Be Alive And Have Family
>Good To Be Alive And Have Friends
>Good To Be Alive And Have Conflict
>Good To Be Alive And Have Love
>Good To Be Alive And Have Faith

Sermon Page 7

I Want To Leave Something Here Series
>Stop Looking Back
>Take Time To Dance
>Face My Fears
>Change From The Inside Out
>Make My Mark
>Brand New Man

Jonah Series
>The Word Of The Lord Came To Jonah
>Jonah Will Pray
>Jonah Will Obey
>Jonah's Anger Doesn't Matter

Desire Series
>What Things Soever You Desire
>Desire When You Pray

>Momma Jekyll & Mrs. Hyde (Mother's Day)
>What Seemed To Be Tongues
>Your Kingdom
>Success VS. Fulfillment
>Unthankful Stinkers (Thanksgiving)
>Thanksgiving Three Times A Day (Thanksgiving)
>Placed In Time

>Easter - Empty Promises
>Palm Sunday - The Mysteries Of Palm Sunday
>Palm Sunday - Do You Appreciate The Blood?

Book Of Joshua Series
>Arise In Violence
>Finding Life's Rahabs
>Get Your Feet Wet
>Hill Of Foreskins (Father's Day)
>Possessing Your Jericho
>Finding The Achan In Me
>Ai, The 3-Way Ambush
>Redeeming The Gibeonite In Me
>Hamstring The Horses
>Give Me My Mountain

>Sincere Faith (Mother's Day)

>The Revelation Of Jesus Christ Series

SermonsPage 8

The Dream Series
>Down Deep Inside
>Obstacles Of The Dream
>Maintaining The Dream
>Dreaming Big
>Preparing For The Dream
>Get Busy Living

How Life Works - Book Of James - Series
>How Trials Work
>How Temptation Works
>How Anger Works
>How Faith Works
>How The Tongue Works
>How Wisdom Works
>How Fights and Quarrels Work
>How Slander and Judging Work
>How Wealth and the Lord's Coming Work
>How Prayer Works
>How Evangelism Works

Abundant Life - Living In The Kingdom Series
>Listening To Common Sense
>Pruning Priorities
>Prisoner Of Hope
>Higher Thoughts

>Listen! What Are They Saying? (Memorial Veteran's Day)
>Personal Pearl Harbors (Memorial Veteran's Day)
>Veteran's Day 2001
>Life Liberty And Happiness (4th of July Independence Day)
>To Die For (4th of July Independence Day)
>The Power Of Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving)
>What If (Veterans Day)
>Grandparents And September 11

Expecting The Miraculous Series
>What Do You Have In Your House
>Do Whatever He Tells You
>A Miracle In Your Sickness
>Jesus Wants To Tell You Something
>The Miracle Of Forgiveness
>Expecting The Miraculous In Your Finances

>Thank You For My Mother And For The Mother of My Children (Mother's Day)
>Viva La Liberty (4th Of July Independence Day)
>Breaking Or Blessing A Father's Heart (Father's Day)


Sermon Page 9

Sermon On The Mount Series
>Liar, Lunatic, Or Lord?
>It Begins With Attitudes
>Attitudes Of The Heart
>Blessed Living
>Kingdom Righteousness
>Kingdom Murder
>Kingdom Morality
>Kingdom Marriage
>Kingdom Honesty
>Kingdom Response
>Kingdom Love
>Kingdom Giving
>Kingdom Prayer
>Our Father
>Your Kingdom
>Your Will
>Give Us
>Forgive Us
>Lead Us Not
>Deliver Us
>Kingdom Fasting
>Kingdom Treasures
>God Or Mammon
>Seeking First The Kingdom
>Specks And Planks And Pigs And Dogs
>Keep On Asking, Seeking, Knocking
>Two Gates, Two Roads
>True Preachers
>Certainty Of Entrance
>The Rock And The Storms

>Ascension - The Day The Kingdom Began
>For Such Is The Kingdom
>Taking Time (Thanksgiving)

>If I Could Do It Again (Thanksgiving)
>God Is For Us

Financial Liberation Series
>Pillow People To Addict People
>Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?
>Interest - Ally Or Enemy, Friend Or Foe?
>Spiritual Development In Giving
>Are the Children of the World Wiser than We?
>The Tithes Plural

>Easter - Fear Not, Touch Me, Follow Me, Go Ye
>Easter - Images Of Easter
>Easter - The Excitement Of Christianity
>Palm Sunday - Himself He Could Not Save

Sermon Page 10

Daniel And Trouble Series
>The Beautiful And The Intelligent
>The God Of Dreams
>The First Church Of Nebuchadnezzar
>Till Seven Times Pass
>The God Of Breath
>Shut The Windows, Daniel

Kingdom Truth Series
>The Time Of The Kingdom
>The Great Tribulation
>The Rapture
>My Father Your Father
>The Antichrist
>We Are Still Here

Parables Of Jesus Series
>Spake He Not
>The Good Samaritan
>Unwashen Hands
>The Lost Sheep
>The Lost Coin
>Seed Growing In Secret
>New Cloth New Wineskins
>Blind Leading The Blind
>Door To The Sheepfold
>The Good Shepherd
>The Religious And The Sinner
>The Prodigal
>The Fool
>The Unmerciful Servant
>Ten Virgins part 1
>Ten Virgins part 2
>Laborers In The Vineyard
>Friend At Midnight

>Receiving The Mark
>Easter - The Promise
>Fasting - Remembrance
>End Times Y2k

The Power Of Believing Series
>The Marvel Of Believing
>The Work Of Believing
>Believing Through Adversity
>Believing In Yourself
>Believing In Tomorrow
>Believing In The Promises

>Go Call Your Husband (Father's Day)
>Rahab An Honorable Mother (Mother's Day)
>Hill Of The Foreskins (Father's Day)
>What Did You Do With It? (New Year)

Evangelism - First Things First (Series)
>There Is Still Hope
>Defeating The Terror Of Evangelism
>The Power Of Relational Evangelism
>The Power Of Prayer Evangelism
>The Power Of Confrontational Evangelism
>The Power Of Serving Evangelism
>The Power Of Invitational Evangelism
>The Power Of Testimonial Evangelism
>The Power Of Intellectual Evangelism

Sermon Page 11

>Church We Have A Problem
>Reaching Through Relationships
>Going All Out For God

Power Of Words Series
>Creating Your World
>Murmuring And Complaining
>Irrevocable Blessing
>Speak To Your Mountains
>Speak No Evil
>Overcoming Negative Words

>To Be Defiled Or Not To Be Defiled

Church G-Forces Series

Ordinary Or Extraordinary Series
>All Sides Are The Same
>Let There Be
>Two Manner Of People

>To Forgive Or Not Forgive
>Make My Children Great (Mother's Day)
>Understanding Love (Valentine)
>The Circle's End
>Uncovering Your Passion
>As A Man Thinks In His Heart
>Are We Neutralized
>There Was A Famine In The Land

Sermon Page 12

Divine Appointments and Connections
>Divine Plans for You !
>Don't Force Appointments and Connections
>People You Should Meet and People You Should Miss

>Don't Force Appointments and Connections

>Pride: God Hates It!
>Pride and the Secret of Humility
>Pride and a Leprous Moment

>Valentine - The Amazing Power of Love
>Kissing Calves

Issues Of The Heart Series
>The Lord Looks At What?
>I Am What I Think
>You Can't Help What You Don't Feel
>Shock Advised

>Sticks And Straw Huts

Abraham The Friend Of God Series
>Acquaintance Or Friend?
>When The Heathen Rebuke The Righteous
>Irrevocable Decisions
>Meeting Melchizedek
>Abraham Believed In The Lord
>Get Back To Where You Should Be
>The "My Covenant"
>Let's Eat
>We Need A Dream
>We Need To Be Weaned
>Mocking Isaac
>Abimelech Is Watching
>When Your Spouse Dies
>Helping A Child Find A Spouse
>Abraham Gave Up The Ghost And Died

>Suffer Me First To Go Bury My Father

Church At Its Best Series
>Giving Adventure
>Is It Worth It?

>The King Desires Your Beauty
>What Is Christmas Really All About? (Christmas)
>Shepherds First (Christmas)
>Motherhood - A Sword Through Thy Soul
>Preparing The Way For Blessing (Thanksgiving)

Cussing Christians
>Your Personal Character
> Cussing Attitude - Silver Tongue or Toilet Tongue
>Adjusting a Cussing Attitude
> There's a Better Way than Cussing

Have You Invited Anyone series
> We Have Found
> Climb Into the Chariot

Sermon Page 13

>Father's Day - Dads Do Make a Difference
>Evangelism - The Tool
>The Millennium
>Easter - The 16th Day

Values From the Kingdom series
>1. One Day it all Goes Back in the Box
>2. Values From the Kingdom
>3. Getting There From Here

Weapons of Our Warfare series
>Introduction - Utterly Destroyed
>The Weapons of Repent
>The Weapon of the Word
>The Weapon of Praise
>The Weapon of Biblical Preaching
>The Weapon of Biblical Tongues 1
>The Weapon of Biblical Tongues 2
>The Weapon of Biblical Tongues 3
>The Weapon of Biblical Tongues 4
>The Weapon of Prophecy

>Mother's Day - Mothers of Jesus
>Palm Sunday - Donkey with a Destiny
>Mother's Day - Sincere Faith to Overcome

The Spirit Filled Life series
>Changing - You Da Man
>Fill Er Up
>Are You Hungry?
>Eating the Frosting Later
>A Controlled Spirit

>What Doth Hinder Me to be Baptized
>The Time of Visitation
>Fishers for the Kingdom

>Noah Perfect in His Generations
>But Noah Found Grace
>Noah's Nakedness

>Create and Recreate Our Own Worlds
>Valentine - Lusting, Looking, and Loving

Sermon Page 14

>Valentine - Understanding Love
>The Plan, The Pruning, The Rainbow
>Baptism for Remission
>The Prayer of Jabez
>Pentecost the Hope of the World
>It's A New Beginning
>Honor the Lord with Your Substance

Inetlligent Praise
>Intelligent Praise session 1
>Intelligent Praise session 2

>Communion Service
>What did You do with It?
>Father's Day - Faith, Fear, and Family

I Am Jesus
>Palm Sunday I Am the Bread of Life
>Easter Sunday I Am the Resurrection and the Life

>Palm Sunday - What if You Knew You would Die Friday at 3 o'clock?
>The Paradigm
>Fearfully and Wonderfully Made Introduction: The Faces of Humanity
>Palm Sunday - How Much is God's Christ Worth to Me?
>New Year - Good News for Everyone Everywhere
>New Year - Seasons and Souls
>New Year - Light a Candle

Sermon Page 15

>New Year - Prayer for the New Year
>Church Vision - Through the Church
>Church Vision - One Thing
>Church Vision - It's Great to be Alive
>Easter - You and the Tomb
>The Engrafted Word
>Father's Day - A Small Room

>Baptism In Water series
>Baptism 101
>Baptism Into Jesus

>Baptism - Jesus Said So

>Smile Staying Positive When... (series)
>When You Had a Bad Mother
>You Want to be Negative about Yourself
>In Dark Times
>I Avoid Gossip and Slander
>I am Pushed
>I Had A Bad Dad (Father's Day)

>I Have Enemies
>I'm Not Happy
>I Have Low Self-Worth

>Trust God's Timing (series)
>Proper Time and Procedure

>Wait In Hope - A Key
>Redeeming the Time
>Be Specific with Time

>Creative Power of Words
>Your Words Direct Your Life
>Blessing - High Praise, Fine Discourse, Polished Language, Invocation


Sermon Page 16

>People You Should Meet and People You Should Miss (vacation series)
>Smile Staying Positive When I Have Low Self-Worth (vacation series)

Dream Until Your Dream Comes True (series)
>The Power of... Dream Until Your Dream Comes True part 1
>The Power of... Dream Until Your Dream Comes True part 2

The Power of...
>Biblical Financial Giving part 1
>Biblical Financial Giving part 2

>Powers of Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving sermon)
>Power of Handling Controlling Manipulative People

>Think Different

>30 Years of Ministry

>Leaving A Legacy

>Easter - The Story That Never Dies



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