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Our History - Life Gate Church - by Delbert Young


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Our History

Senior Pastor

Delbert Young is, and has always been, the senior pastor of Life Gate Church. He has pastored Life Gate since1985. Pastor Young is originally from Miami, Florida, and grew up living in Griffin, Georgia, before moving to LaFayette. He has an associates degree in Accounting. An associates degree in Business Administration and a bachelors degree in Theology along with other ministerial and theological citations. Pastor Young has written many books published by Life Gate Church and Kindle used as study guides for many teachings. He has done television programs for the local area along with radio programs, a daily radio spot, and a weekly television program. His sermons are published weekly on Life Gate's website and are free to download. He also has two websites with his sermons on them free to anyone who would want to read, listen, or watch his sermons. These sites are:

Sermons by Delbert Young

Sermons Change the World


Pastor Young has been married to his wife and helper in the ministry, Judy, since 1967. He has a son and a daughter, both married, and have four grandsons.

Life Gate History

Life Gate began with a group of people who desired the Word of God above traditional religion. We wanted to be taught the Word as pure as possible without doctrinal "leaven," as Jesus might say. In 1985, Pastor Young came to LaFayette, Ga as pastor of the First Assembly of God, but after a year of leading the church, rough spots were experienced with the Assembly concerning doctrine. Instead of causing problems, Pastor Young resigned. However, he believed God called and placed him in the city of Lafayette, GA. Instead of leaving the area, he decided to wait and see if God did have something for him to do there. Several believed Pastor Young had something to share with the region. They decided to see what God would do with a nondenominational church attempting to focus on God’s word. Another group in LaFayette, The Church at LaFayette, believed in the mission of Pastor Young and joined with him. From those two groups birthed Life Gate Church. Life Gate has continued over all the years to stand strong and focus on the amazing word of God.