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It's Not Right!
By Pastor Delbert Young

7. Job: Out of the Storm

It's Not Right! Job: For God Does Speak, Now One Way, Now Another

God is in our storms. It's in our storms of life God speaks the clearest to us. This is the highest level we come to in understanding It's Not Right! times. It's not comprehending God isn't punishing us. It's not comprehending God loves us and is rooting something out of us so we can avoid hell. It's so God can speak and become real to us. He's not theology, doctrine, or a religion. He's real! He wants us to see him.

7. Job: Out of the Storm (sermon notes) (listen sermon audio mp3)
Scriptures: Job 19:17-21, Job 19:25-27, Matthew 5:29-30, Job 38:1-3, Job 38:4-6, Job 38:8-12, Job 38:16-18, Job 38:24, Job 38:25-29, Job 38:32, Job 38:36, Job 39:19, Job 39:26-27, Job 40:1-2, Job 40:3-4, Job 42:3, Job 42:5-6, Job 42:7, Matthew 5:43-44, Matthew 6:14-15, Job 42:10-17

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